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Jan 16, 2013 1:00am PST
get government to work and get good things to happen. you can overpower the extremists with intelligence and with reason and with common sense. and you can make this state a safer state. >> the national rifle association responded late today to new york's actions. they put out a statement saying naturally that they are outraged by what new york has done. it should also be noted that the nra is frequently outraged. but other states are looking to join new york. maryland governor martin o'malley, colorado governor john hickenlooper, connecticut governor dan malloy, illinois governor jack markell have all announced in the past few days announced ambitious legislative proposals on gun reform in their own states. and of course federally, tomorrow ahead of schedule, president obama is set to unveil his own set of proposals in response to the newtown school shooting. the white house releasing this picture today of vice president biden, presenting his findings to the president and other cabinet members in a gun policy meeting. >> i can tell you that tomorrow the president and v
Jan 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
the way it began. randy weaver, his three children, and the man the government reluctantly accepted as its negotiator walked out of a mountaintop cabin late this afternoon hand in hand. >> he didn't come out. we went in. and we hugged each other. and we kissed the girls and hugged them. and it's a very emotional thing. >> it was 11 days ago when the siege in northern i'd began. weaver, his wife, three kids, and a friend were found hiding in a remote cabin not far from the canadian border. weaver was wanted on charges of selling sawed-off shotguns. there was a shootout, and a federal marshal was killed. the next day weaver's wife was killed. a son killed. and a friend wounded. northern idaho is a hotbed for anti-government sentiment. and as the siege dragged on a vigil of angry supporters watched the authorities' every move. >> so bo gritz, presidential candidate that year, ended up playing this key role in ending this horrible standoff. but the standoff, it lasted for 11 days, and it did become a cause celebre for a very angry portion of the very far right anti-government fringe in this co
Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm PST
, like we will be this year there's something different. governing is already under way. the president has started some things that he intends to finish in his second term. sort of a sense of continuity, well informed expectation about what kind of president this is going to be and where he is likely to go. when president obama was inaugurated. first time, there was none of that certainty and expectation, right? the country and all of us were caught up in the historical enormity of the fact that the united states of america was about to swear in our first african-american president. and that eight years of republican administration under bush and cheney was coming to an end. that inauguration in 2009 was such a dramatic break from the past, toward a whole new future that i don't think anybody expects that we will have an inauguration quite as consequential as the last one. maybe ever again. but we now know, as part of the historical record, that while the whole country was marveling at the enormity of the transition we were making on inauguration night 2009 something else was going on
Jan 21, 2013 6:00pm PST
him to this day. >> yes. >> maybe a signal about what is to come in terms of the governing fights in washington. >> absolutely. it is quite likely that there will be some give and some compromise. but he is creating a bottom line here beyond which he will not go. and that is a very strong signal for these budget fights to come. but writ more broadly, i was thinking of martin luther king jr. and of equal rights and of the refrain that, you know, our job is not done, what he basically was saying is our journey is not complete, to use his words. >> our journey is not complete. those are the two repeated phrases. our journey is not complete, and you and i as citizens, you and i. >> exactly. this is an exclusive moment. our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are recognized as equal under the law. he is talking about doma, the supreme court argument to come. he is surrounded by the supreme court right this. and he talked about stonewall. ta talking about stonewall in an inaugural address, i was really profoundly moved by that. this is not just saying okay, these
Jan 16, 2013 6:00pm PST
where the al-qaeda-linked areas are trying to take over. they are trying to topple the government there. the french went in this weekend, then the french, on monday, they were sending in even more troops. the u.s. had reportedly thought the french were going it alone. but on tuesday, a whole bunch of african countries said they, too, would send help. it was togo, ghana, and senegal, all sending troops. at the same time, they said they would let them use air space. today, it is now an attack, a major hostage situation involving civilians from a bunch of other countries, civilians including americans. it happened in a algeria, and americans and others were taken at a natural gas facility, bp. they were from ireland, canada, and france. the natural gas facility was here in a remote area of northeastern algeria, the group claiming responsibility says it was retaliation for them using air space in maly. he has reportedly struck out on his own now. according to the algerian government, the hostage-takers were traveling in three cars with lots of guns and first tried to attack a bus, transport
Jan 15, 2013 1:00am PST
. and we know that government doesn't move quickly. and we know that culture and societal change probably -- well, not probably, moves much slower than that. it's glacial. so there may be quick moves in legislation here. there may be quick policy announcements or quick policy stances taken by lots of different people. but we're talking what this group is talking about is change that may outlast a great number of legislators' careers. so this may good through a couple of generations of people in positions of representation. and if that's what it takes, that's what it takes, because we're all in it for that long. so i'm not concerned. i don't concern myself with statements about, well, this can't happen now, or we have enough votes for this or that, or we can protect this or that in terms of whatever policy may be available. look at the history of our country, the safety measures we put in place to make the country safer, you know, any number of things. it never happens overnight. >> and the other part is we're still really grieving. >> sure. >> so a lot of this -- the stuff that has been h
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)